Arusha Town, historically is Northern Tanzania’s trading, and also its cultural centre. With Tanzania having a huge range of cultural influences, from traditional Bantu through Arabesque Swahili and more recent British and German cultural imports it’s no wonder that the variety of food available in Arusha town is so wide. Safariland Cottages does offer fully catered accommodation but we also encourage guests to explore the town and the dining available with the local businesses.




Location: City center

Fifi’s is an excellent place for breakfast, with great coffee, freshly cooked muffins and free wifi, so you can catch up on the morning’s news as part of the relaxing start to your day. The Lunch and Dinner menus are also very good and Fifi’s is popular with tourists and locals alike. With great ambience, free wifi and excellent food, Fifi’s is surely a place to consider for any meal.




Location: Haile Selassie Rd, Arusha

Established in 2002, The Blue Heron has long been one of the most popular restaurants in the city center of Arusha for a morning espresso, garden lunch writing emails home on the free wifi or a candle-lit dinner. The menu offers a wide selection of wood fired pizzas, a quick and fresh salad bar, hearty soups, homemade Italian pastas, shawarma, and succulent steaks.  Take a sundowner after a day in Arusha, or cozy up by the bonfire on Friday nights for live music on the veranda. Definitely a place worth visiting for lunch whilst in Arusha.




Location: Center of Arusha town near the Clock tower

The best place for a good burger and variety of amazing milk shakes. It’s a Café where you will find a good mix of tourist, locals and expats, especially during lunchtime. Africafe’ has a great reputation on tripadvisor a would recommend Safariland Staff also recommend it! Amazing Sunday brunch especially if you are on holiday and just want to relax.



Khan’s BBQ

Location: Mosque Street city center, near the main market area

A must to visit when you are in Arusha. Located on the streetside this ‘chicken on the bonnet’ BBQ location is far from romantic but lets you dive into the typical scenery of the inner town Arusha. Service is very quick, the food is tasty and the staff very friendly. Let your taxi driver bring you to this place, and enjoy every single moment of your special dinner…



Blues & Chutney’s

Location: Olorien, Lower Themi Area, Njiro Road, Arusha

One thing comes to mind when one visits this amazingly set up restaurant, Yum!!  The Food is really good, especially if you are craving for European food. Their food has the best quality ingredients and with well thought out menus you will not find a better place for a proper hearty meal …The owners are very friendly and welcoming and always ready to help with decision making and in particular, choosing the right wine for your meal!



Onsea House

Location: Baraa Road, Moshono Village, Moivaro Area, Arusha

In 2006, Belgian chef Axel Janssens set out to create the ‘Onsea House’ style: a fusion of what he learned in Michelin Star Rated restaurants in Europe, combined with local influences and ingredients. The food and service is best described as Belgian and French Brasserie style with an African touch. – an amazing combination that is the equal of any restaurant overseas. Prices do reflect the quality but if you’re looking for a top level menu, good selection of wine including local vines from Mount Meru then Onsea is the place for you. A good place for special occasions : Birthdays or Anniversaries, or just for something a bit special!


Cet Garden

Location: Kwa Mrefu, Arusha, Hai Rd,

One of the best way to get in tune with a foreign land is to experience the popular local dishes. In Arusha, that local food is Nyam Choma, the Tanzanian BBQ. Their most famous dish is the BBQ fish – cooked in the skin and coated with local spices. Cet Garden is for many, the best Nyama Choma in the region. This place is usually packed with locals who enjoy Tanzania’s favorite lagers, Safari, Kilimanjaro & Serengeti with Nyama Choma. The people are friendly and always welcoming, here you will experience the true hospitality of Tanzania.



Tembo Club

Location: Meserani Rd. Arusha

The Tembo Club is another Nyama Choma restaurant. The food is of high quality but the setting is gorgeous, set as it is in an Oasis like garden. Friendly staff and great service complete a really good night out.



Blue Ginger

Location: Themi Hill Rd Arusha

Blue Ginger specialises in that great UK specialism; Fish and Chips. Local influences add an intriguing spin to the popular dish, as well as to the full menu. Food is not exactly chip shop cheap, but the quality does deserve the cost.



Prestige Garden

Location: Haili Salasi Road, Arusha,

Specialising in South Indian and Tanzanian dishes, Prestige Gardens’ individual gazebos are set in a lovely green space and provide a great option for less expensive meals. Good quality and good portion sizes make this a favourite for many.



Impala Hotel – Indian Restaurant

Location: Old Moshi Road Kijenge Area, Arusha

The Indian Restaurant of the Impala is an open-air garden restaurant located at the rear of the hotel, it serves excellent North Indian cuisine and is most popular in town for its specialised Tandoori dishes. Impala hotel has several kitchens serving Italian to Chinese dishes, however the best in our opinion is the Indian Restaurant, definitely worth a try if you fancy a good authentic curry.



Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Location: Sakina Rd

Abyssinia Restaurant Raleigh is a family owned and operated restaurant that was opened in 2002 to serve the people and visitors to Arusha with savoury dishes of Ethiopia. The cooks here are Ethiopian and so the food is both absolutely authentic and absolutely tasty! For a visiting European this is a taste of ever more exotic foods.